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Beer and Craft Ale Accompaniment

Beerpig is the perfect pork crackling. Made from natural ingredients, Beerpig is crisp, golden, rich in protein and with a delicious flavour.  Best shared with friends and family and served straight from a Beerpig Warmer, it is the best social snack around to enjoy with your usual.  Beerpig, the social sharing snack.

Location of Warmer:

Please ensure the Beerpig Warmer is located in a dry area of the bar to prevent any moisture getting inside the warmer.



Serve Beerpig crackling using the metal scoop provided. The serving dishes should be used to serve the Beerpig Warm Pork Crackling to your customers at around 50g per portion.


Product Storage:

Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.


Placing Orders:

Product refill packs come in 1kg or 500g bags with a shelf storage life of fourteen weeks and up to two weeks within the Beerpig warmer machine.


The Beerpig Warmer must be isolated from the power supply before installing, cleaning or maintaining.  Switch the warmer on at the rear near the door and the display lamp inside the warmer will illuminate.  Leave the unit for 45 minutes to warm up.  To load the Beerpig remove the top lid and pour in the product . The Beerpig Warmer holds 2 kilograms and can be topped up at any time.  Please fill the warmer regularly before it empties to ensure the Crackling is warm at time of serving.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

To clean inside empty the warmer and we recommend that you use a clean brush to get into and sweep out all the corners - this should be kept solely for this job. Use antibacterial spray with a disposable cloth or antibacterial wipes to clean inside and then wipe down with blue roll.  Make sure it is completely dry and smear free.  Turn the warmer back on, leave for 45 minutes to remove any moisture and then fill back up with the product.  Make sure the lid is replaced and kept on at all times other when refilling and cleaning.

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