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We supply our original premium BeerpigTM pork crackling to bars and venues throughout the UK.  We have hand crafted BeerpigTM crackling to work alongside the BeerpigTM Warmer, so our delicious traditional pub snack can be enjoyed with your favourite drinks alongside friends and family at the perfect temperature.

BeerpigTM ethically sources the very best quality ingredients and seasonings. Double hand cooked to produce the ultimate pub snack, BeerpigTM is the very best pork crackling available.

​BeerpigTM is now available for you to enjoy the same quality and taste wherever you may be.  Yes you can now enjoy the best pub snack on the market with our huge 675g BeerpigTM Pork Crackling jars at your parties, picnics, family occasions, at your home bar or in your favourite chair while watching the box.


Warm Pork Scratchings
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